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Ogre region tourism object TOP 10

1. The Uldevena castle – 15236 (based on the tickets sold)
2. The Museum of A.Pumpurs in Lielvarde – 13401 (based on the tickets sold)
3. The Ogre Dendrology park - 13000 (based on information given by the owners)
4. The Bird yard of Lielvarde – 9500 (based on information given by the owners)
5. The Open air Zoo “Saulites” – 3800 (based on the tickets sold)
6. The History and art museum of Ogre – 3268 (based on the tickets sold)
7. The Cross hill – 3000 (approx.)
8. The power station museum of the Daugava – 1582 (based on the information given by the director of the museum)
9. The museum of study of local history “Bet tā bija!” – 508 (based on information given by the owners)
10. The museum of Latvian Girl guides and boy scouts – 388 (based on the guest book)
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